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Component Level Logic Board Repair
Black Screen
No Activity on Touch Bar
No Indication Lights
No Response from power button
Device makes charging chime when plugged in but not powering on
MacBook Pro Water Damage & Logic Board Repair
Component level Logic Board Repair & Diagnostics. system not loading to OS (Operating System) or any other problem with your Apple device we're here to help.
iMac & MacBook Pro Upgrades

Is your Apple computer running slow or not up to standard? Rest assured that most of the time we're able to install upgrades such as an SSD & More RAM.
Hard Drive Data Recovery

Whether it's a flashing question mark folder on your Mac or a liquid damaged Macbook or Laptop we have you covered at REVIVE we have all the latest tools to complete the job right the first time.

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Full Laptop & Desktop Hardware & Software Service

We maintain a very high success rate for repairs on Laptops & Desktops, these repairs include Broken Screen Replacements, Keyboard Replacements, Fan Replacements & Thermal Paste Service.

Virus & Malware Removal

Annoying Popups or full lock up & freezing of the system? Is your system running slow and becoming unusable ? We can run a full diagnostics of the unit & determine exactly what the problem is.

Laptop Battery Replacement

Does your laptop struggle to hold a charge? Is it dying much faster than usual? This is probably caused by a worn out battery. Bring it in for a free quote on a battery replacement.

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Right Tools For The Job

Whether it's a flashing question mark folder on your Mac or a liquid damaged Macbook/Laptop we have you covered at REVIVE, we have all the latest tools to complete the job right the first time.

Custom Built Gaming & Office Desktops

We specialize in custom built gaming computers based on most budgets.

We also build computers with parts you'd like to bring in yourself as well.

Furthermore we perform all upgrades on existing desktops as well.

  • Apple Mac Repair Trackpad stuck or bulged out

  • Liquid spill Damage Repair

  • Logic-board Repairs and replacement

  • Overheating issues resolved. Noisy or faulty fan

  • Slow, sluggish system speed-up and serviced

  • Broken Screen and Glass Replaced

  • Hard-disk Repairs & Replacements.

  • Question folder or spinning wheel on the screen

  • System upgrades and updates.

  • Os X installation, Software installation and troubleshooting

  • White, Blue, Black or lines on screen

  • Or any display related issues resolved

  • MacBook Won't take charge? or need replacement battery

  • Won't device power up keep shutting down or restarting

  • Broken Hinges, covers & Cases repaired or replaced

  • Business and home networking.

  • Transfer from your old MAC to new or PC to MAC

  • Spillage Damage on MacBook Pro and iMac

  • Dead-Logic Boards MacBook Pro and iMac

  • Cracked LCDs / LED Screens for MacBook Pro and iMac

  • Defective DVD Drives MacBook Pro and iMac

  • Faulty Memory MacBook Pro and iMac

  • Hard Drive Failure MacBook Pro and iMac

  • Panic Errors MacBook Pro and iMac

  • Black Screen MacBook Pro and iMac

  • High Pitched Squeal MacBook Pro and iMac

  • Ticking / Clicking from underneath the delete key on MacBook Pro

  • Heat-related Keyboard / Trackpad Issues

  • MacBook pro and iMac Fan issue repair

  • Broken Vertical Blue Lines Appear Down Display

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