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MacBook Repair Services


Liquid Damage MacBooks

Whether it's water juice or coffee, we have a very high success rate when it comes to repairing MacBooks. We start with a free evaluation of the laptop.

MacBook Speaker Replacement

Are your MacBook speakers sounding different? Rattling or very bad sound quality? A replacement should solve that issue.

MacBook Battery Replacement

Is your MacBook telling you to service your battery? Is your battery life very poor?  Does the MacBook not turn on unless plugged in? Call in for an estimate on a battery replacement.

MacBook Logic Board Repair

Is your laptop not turning on or exhibiting strange behaviors? The unit may be in need of a Logic Board level repair. Please call or drop the unit off for an evaluation & free quote for repair.


MacBook Thermal Service

Is your MacBook Running hotter than usual? Your laptop is probably due for an internal cleaning and thermal paste replacement for optimal performance & longevity.

MacBook Diagnostics

Are you not able to pinpoint & solve an issue you're experiencing with your MacBook? Please bring it in for an evaluation & a path to your solution.

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